Posted by: karensaenz | October 2, 2008

The process…

So, the reason I started blogging- well, actually there are several! 

The first is that I value the process that each artist follows in creating a finished work of art, and I wanted the chance to explore mine more publicly.  People ask me every so often if my paintings are photographs, or if I use a projector, or if they are prints (the answers are all NO!!).  I still believe that the finished product speaks for itself, but I want to also argue for the value in true craftsmanship and the neverending honing of better technique.  Luckily the viewer rarely sees the mishaps and stuggles that go into so many phases of a beautiful piece of artwork.  But I know other artists can relate.

Secondly, I hope to open a dialogue, to get feedback, and to foster a community for anyone interested in adding to the seemingly random scope of thoughts and goals pursued here.  I just like thinking a lot, and pondering things in great depth comes easy if a piece takes me weeks and weeks alone in a studio.  To be honest, the process can sometimes be lonely, and I invite you into all that goes on in my studio, and some of what goes on in my mind. 

And lastly, I want to document my progress.  I hardly ever have the natural forethought to take pictures of all my paintings while they endure so many days in the Ugly Duckling phase- so I think this will hold me more accountable.  I also want any aspiring artists (Hi, to all my old St. Michael’s art students!!!) to know deep down in their hearts that most artwork is very VERY ugly for most of its “life”, often until the end when it finally looks good enough to sign.  It looking terrible is not a good reason to stop making something.  In fact, it’s a pretty good reason to keep going =)

I leave you with a poem I had to memorize as a kid, that I have never forgotten:

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