Posted by: karensaenz | October 30, 2008


This year, Karen Saenz Studio is proud to help sponsor the 2nd Annual RUN FOR THE WATER!  As a member of the Austin-based Gilbert’s Gazelles running group, I have come to appreciate the invaluble power of training with a coach and running with a team.  Our coach and inspiration, Gilbert Tuhabonye, is a huge-hearted, incredibly talented distance runner who miraculously survived a genocide attack on his village in Burundi, Africa.  He came here to live, to start his beautiful family, and to coach the most amazing group of people I have ever met.  We are looking forward to a fantastic turnout at the race this year, with all the proceeds going to help the Gazelle Foundation build wells in Africa.  Come run the scenic and challenging 10 miler (or fast 5k) this Nov. 9th, or help by making a donation at

The reason I feel so strongly about this:  I have loved running since I can even remember, but becoming part of the Gazelles and friends with Gilbert has literally changed my life.  I love running more than ever now.  In the movie “Prefontaine” Coach Bill Bowerman says, “You can’t coach motivation.”  But I know a million people out there would say that Gilbert does it every day.  The surprising thing to me, is that what happens in the running group so early in the morning feeds energy into so many other goals.  So many times I have been working on a tough part of a painting and I just can’t seem to get it and feel like I am at a loss- and I honestly can hear what Gilbert tells us on the track when we think we are “too tired” to do any more- he says “DO IT FOR THE LOVE!!!”  And so I do.

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