Posted by: karensaenz | May 20, 2009

About my work…

A while back (ok, a very long while back) I began this blog as a way to talk about my work.  But as my work changes and grows, in more ways than one, I find it harder and harder to commit time to my computer.  Marketing my work is not my strongest talent, as I have rediscovered trying to update my website.  I have great admiration for people who are savvy with technology because they are so efficient with computers that they are probably all out frolicking in this great weather.  Not sitting, hunched over at a desk inside, becoming even more glow in the dark…   

The truth is that I have thought about hiring someone to build me a spectacular website a million times over the last few years.  But I’d like to think that doing it myself is building some sort of crazy new web of neural pathways and maybe even help my art!  We’ll see… Right now I’d much rather be painting than taking photos of the paintings, editing them, moving jpegs around, trying to remember what’s been uploaded where, and all that stuff.  All you awesome web designers out there, you are amazing!!! 

Power to the programmers!!!!  (and please have mercy on my web skills!)


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