Posted by: karensaenz | December 16, 2009

Will somebody please bring me some SUN???!!!

Artists have this reputation of being like those “air plants” that you get at Big Red Sun- that all we need is our selves to create amazing beauty out of virtually nothing…  Well, I don’t know about other artists but I need inspiration!!  And, while the fog and mist and atmospheric haze are indeed quite beautiful, I have to be honest- my current body of work is in dire need of A LIGHT SOURCE!!!  PLEASE!!!!  Will somebody PLEASE make the sun come out!!!!  Nothing seems alive or able to come alive in this bath of blandness!!   There is no drama or movement in this flatness!! 

I want warm, gooey light… Or even intense, piercing hot light…  I would really LOVE a lowslung, sideways light- the kind that makes long, graceful shadows of Giaccometti-ish proportions!  I want all the objects and people and creatures flitting around outside, unaware that they are moving in the flattering spotlight of the sun for my next painting =].  I want twinkles and sparkles on all the dew in the morning and mirrors of copper and amber on the skyline in the afternoon.  Indulge the trees in just a dance of light through their branches since now they are completely bare of color!  The wind needs sun to see the patterns of the waves it makes along the river!  Even the most ominous cloud knows, to be a real showstopper, it needs the sun to back it up! 

I’m not inventing this.  LIGHT and HEAT are why life exists on planet earth!!- AND if you have ever seen my artwork, it is also why my ART exists on planet earth!!! 

Until this months-long season of doldrums breaks, I will TRY to be patient.  I will focus on the subtle translucency in the wings of the white crane I saw… and the irony of the laundry draped across a clothesline in the rain… and the powerful spears of rowers I see chasing each other over the water in the early morning.  

And if I try hard enough, maybe I can finish all these paintings by the time Spring comes and my wishes all come true-

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