Posted by: karensaenz | April 6, 2017

Big Show, Small World!!

Exciting news!  Tomorrow I am hanging a show at Austin Holistic Health, in Westlake just outside of Austin.  This time I am doing it right and arriving like Santa with all my goods in tow with a massive U-HAUL 🙂

Listen to this!  20 years ago a client, and now dear friend, commissioned me to paint a mural on the front door of her home.  To this day the mural still stands and she still calls me, “Door Girl!”  Last week, she had a rolfing session with Norma Bell Bandy at Austin Holistic Health and told Norma all about “Door Girl” and my artwork and how perfectly it would fit their space.

Little did she know, I have sought the wisdom of Norma and her husband, John Bandy, for years.  Somehow they have seen my whole family through each of our little mysteries of health too strange or confounding for Western medicine.

This opportunity to hang my work is so special to me because the entire circle of people who are making it happen.

Cheers to a small world right here in Austin,




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